8 Tips for Choosing the best Computer Desk for your needs and space

Posted by November 29, 2016

Minimalist Computer Desk with iMac

Minimalist Computer Desk with iMac

A computer desk is an essential component of the office furniture. Given their variety of functions comfortable computers desks are critical to your work performance. With a bit of market research you can find a computer desk that enhances your work, gives you comfort and efficiently utilizes your office space. It can help you stay organized and accessible while still helping maintain your privacy and boundaries even in an open office plan. Computer desks come in a variety of colors, materials, and designs as well as sizes. Every buyer can get a computer desk that fits their preference and budget limits.

1. Desk Designs

There are lots of designs when it comes to computer desk models. The designs can always be tweaked to fit specific needs of different users. The most common types of computer desks are the rectangular models. They aren’t always the most comfortable design, though. There are three broad categories of desks designs. First, there are the hutch desks. These types of computer desks place a greater emphasis on vertical space rather than horizontal spaces. Secondly is the corner desk. They are meant to sit away from the paths. They can be long or short and can be blended with hutch designs. Lastly is the workstations. These are small, lightweight ad suitable for those with limited works pace.

2. Functionality

Most of us have different purposes and ways with which we make use of the computer desk. The type of computer desks that you buy will shape how much you can do. If they are to be used primarily for computer work, then a workstation is your best bet. If you are using a PC, make sure the desk has enough space to fit a monitor. Also, make sure that there are well-drilled wiring holes or channels for running the computer and power cables. If you have lots of paperwork, make sure the desks has space for trays and storage shelves. If you hold regular meetings there, then choose L-Shaped desks as it’s more spacious.

3. Material Used

The materials used to make a computer desk determines its price, weight, visual appeal and durability. Wooden computer desks are the most common, well-constructed and one of the most durable materials. They are also some of the most expensive desks in the market. Metal desks are very sturdy though they can be too stiff but comfortable. They are also harder to accessorize, and they are not very visually appealing. When fitted with glass tops metal desks can be sleek, comfy and have a much- modernized look. The least expensive desks are the plastic desks and the particle boards.

4. Desk Assembling

The computer desks can either be sold pre-assembled or ready to assemble. Each of these designs has their pros and cons. It’s critical to understand the differences before making a choice.

The pre-assembled desks are sturdier and firm yet more expensive and take up a whole lot more space. They also require special moving trucks and cranes to ferry and fit them. They may be impossible to move through corridors and doorways. Meanwhile, the ready-to-assemble unit tends to be a bit weaker, but they are more affordable and easy to transport. They are easier to set up in small or even cramped up spaces.

5. Quality and Durability

You can always tell the quality and sophistication of a computer desk based on the construction of its drawers and locks. The sturdiest suspensions for computer desks are the metal suspensions. Ideally, you should be able to open the drawers to the fullest for optimization of space. The best quality wooden drawers have an interlocking or dovetail construction design. When dealing with metal computer desks, close the drawers and examine if there are any spaces where the drawer meets the desk. If there’s space, call the supplier for tightening or replacement. It’s best to make sure that the desks come with a warranty from the manufacturer.

6. Work Habits

The length of time you spend at your desk should determine the kind of desk that you order. If you are the creative, messy type, then it’s much more preferable for you to pick up a workstation type of desk. If you have lots of work files that need storage and you use lots of stationeries, then it’s easier for you to rely on hutch desks with elaborate vertical utilizations. If you are highly neat and organized with little physical output from your effort, then a small desk is ideal. If you work with lots of machines like printers, computers, shredders, PCs, etc. then choose a long computer desk that accommodates them all.

7. Ergonomics and Space

Most of us spend lots of office time at our work desks. Therefore the computer desk has to be comfortable and spacious. It has to provide clearance for your legs. The standard computer desks are about 30 inches from the floor. You will need a desk that offers up to three and a half feet of space around you for movement and navigation. Poorly configured desks lead to problems with eyesight, hurting feet and backaches. You can’t afford to compromise on your comfort and health. The keyboards should be at the same level as you folded arms. Make sure your seat is adjustable to at least three different height configurations.

8. Office Workplan

The office workplan including the space available and seniority, shapes the kind of computer desks that you will buy. Staffers who share computer desks can order an extended wooden or metal desks and delineate the workspace. You can also have desks that have extra lockers fitted underneath for storage and safety of the documents in the office. You can buy larger desks if you keep personal times like potted plants and family gallery photos on one end. Space is always a limiting factor, and it’s often easier to get interlocking desks to optimize the use of space. Simply make sure you get the most comfy, sturdy, spacious and durable desk your money can buy.